eliason (eliason) wrote in automaticwriter,

livethrift wondered offson, thrice

berailed offster patterned noister, unbecoming a chapfallow, strooding or strubbling inumbria muris ceilaballoo overcapped, twhough twhille twoo chir chir chirrst. Up and up and down again, down againster, around againstork petrollsking of edifices or excifices down allpaths of whrouin. Tfying, so brillant werse eyse scrawling and scrimbling, knackered sough refursing or rusing or thrice knotted whiteworshed twilling. Breaded and coddled, twittled and twaddled, and o O O O O O! do you larken my splait so, my! Perking, perking, earged Evevary Ectominum, erratus.

Yet wondered offson, upthrace and upstarted, in pattered noistrum murder nastermum, cloy and cloy. Ubiquit, ubiquit. Ad urbis telloq, unflaxed umbrae or penumbrae. Harald, my ashtree, what words ye bringly thick? Grovesnor, jove, and dash. And dash! Flesh a groin, bleedlines dewn bach, mater pearl, bobbing. Grubber and greatharp, o O not yet again the faceless O, our lady of salivate, persporaraing through thickly thickled thick.
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