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Pretty Wings

I breathe life into you
written word for cause
open vision for a new time separate from the faults of before
I lived so scared of what could be
from me
from others I care for
to others I was there for
I just want to wake up once and for all
but the process is never ending
and ending is but a way out of this struggle
that no one dares run towards
I thought that the feminine would solve this nightmare
the nights where I sat on self-destruction
but the age of time
brings light to what was always here.

I see complete possibility
the initial thought but a continuous
dream of individual letters
in unison
communion of breath
and life
to fight and rise above the temptations
of fear and self-defeat
and I now sit here with the solution at my feet
what was once an equation of violent rage
has taken the shape of the race of time
and I just want to enjoy the moments

I spoke to you in my dreams
and we cried the day away
cried for you to stay
and flap your pretty wings forever and ever
together we would change this life
our fight
our open angel angle that proved that
we were always there
never where
but here for all to see
nothing to be ashamed of
nothing to focus this anger on any longer
your pretty wings
let your pretty wings lead we on my way.
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I cried like a baby who'd just exchanged life
for the dreams of a spoken word / but nothing,
not even the day was ashamed of forever;
it opened an angel's flap and penetrated
everything that sees / the proof stayed
behind; it wasn't angry, but it cried.