critter1954 (critter1954) wrote in automaticwriter,


following a coelocanth on a lead weighted line down to where blind eyes shine big
as demitasse saucers beside little nicotine hors d'oeuvres and their pimiento lips
smell in the undersea current zephyrs intimating nearness of cauliflower fields
wax sealed with that red impression of a king's ring signifying brilliantine
highlights wished street lamps were brighter than the dingy daily arraignment
in expectation of a second illogical sixth sense to enforce lawns distorted
bent sideways with an inconsistent chromatic wash browned at the edges

lying lengthwise on a Pullman seat circa the Taj Mahal Thurgood Marshall
dressed in appropriate livery his hand a cast iron frying pan patiently snapping
for my ticket in the bench seat facing three escapees from a De Chirico sketch
eyes orbiting their heads bobbing and weaving in apparent disregard of their parents'
patent lounging in a Bern "in" box waiting on a distracted clerk to ascertain its legal
status pertaining to said inventors' indiscrete gravel sorter here for sand there forthwith
pebbles marbles chunks large enough to result in bumps or subdural hematoma whose move
black threw a rook diagonally leaving our queen and her whites inconvenienced
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